Christian Library provides 1000's of Christian resources at no cost to all of its members. New material are added monthly ensuring fresh content to its Christian audiance.


When I gave my life to Christ in 1990 I had lived a life of drug addiction and poverty. Back in the 90’s the internet was not prevalent and we had very little Christian resources. In fact, Christian resources were extremely expensive and having very little money I could never afford to purchase some of the books and audio teachings I wanted. Many times at special church services, I so badly wanted to read some of the books or listened to the audio teachings but I just could not afford it.

When God promoted me to branch manager and regional manager and ultimately general manager I had the funds to purchase material. In 2003 we started a computer company called RT Solutions that was also prophesied in 1994.  Having the business, we could invest in even more material.

During 2005 when I was assistant Pastor at Ekklesia Ministries I spoke to pastor Kobus (my father in law) I asked him if I could start a library at our premises in Meade Str. George. Pastor Kobus agreed and we took all the books we had double of, and a few more to start the first library. RT Solutions funded the shelves and also purchased some material for the 2005 Library.

This Library was extremely popular among church members and Christians in the local community and expanded its membership to over 1000 members. Unfortunately, during 2011 Ekklesia was forced to move to a more industrial premises, within a short period we realized that this had a devastating effect on the Library, in fact within a few months the library closed.

Although the library was closed the vision for a Christian library still burned in my heart. I therefore boxed the books, took the shelves apart and stored them in my garage. My wife and I continued to collect Christian material. My membership with Christian Audio also enabled me to obtain at least one audio book per month. 

We founded HIS HEART in 2014 based on the Matthew 25, I felt that I would be a goat, according to this scripture if I was not get involved with the people groups mentioned in this scripture. The His Heart slogan of Building the Kingdom by empowering the Church was supernaturally imparted in my heart. The Radio Ministry, Bible Schools, Library, Counselling ministry and other outreaches is a result of this desire to build the Kingdom.

During 2019 I felt that the Lord placed upon my heart to open the Library again in a high visible accessible area. Our computer business called RT Solutions has been fighting an economic battle 2019, as I think many businesses has fought.  But I clearly heard the Lord that I should take a step in faith and occupy a high visible premises just across the road from RT.

My wife Engela graciously agreed that we could donate our entire collection of Christian material available to the Christian library.(if you know how much she loves her books you will understand what kind of miracle this was)  This is an estimated offering of, I would estimate close to R400 000. 

Thankfully my business partner, worship leader and sister and in law Theresa also agreed that we could fund this project from our business and also our personal finances.  We took the step in faith during June 2019 to open the HIS HEART Christian Library.

Because many church buildings are underutilized we decided to use this building as a multipurpose Kingdom building. Pastor Mandy Juter has also graciously joint the Library team as a volunteer to build the Kingdom.

The new Library is growing with material. Every month we add at least one audio book, DVD and a few books.  Currently we have more than 4000 books and hundreds of audio books and DVD’s. We also have more than 300 gig of podcast teachings on various topics.

Those who want to reach topics can utilize our reach department that has most the well know concordances, commentaries and concordances, in addition to this we also have bible study software and more than 6000 eBooks that can be utilized.

Considering all the digital and hard copy material the Library has more than 10 000 Christian resources available on the premises. I would estimate that the HIS HEART Christian Library is the largest of its kind in South Africa and possible in the southern hemisphere.


A divine connection with Literature For Africa has enabled the library to become a distribution center of Christian material. During 2019 more than 40 000 items were distributed, to various churches, evangelical efforts, correctional facilities and private individuals.

Trading hours

The library operates from Mondays to Thursdays 9:00am to 5:00pm and Fridays 9:00am to 12:00am.


Library membership is total free of charge but we suggest that members who are able, contribute as led by the Holy Spirit. We also have a debit order form for those who wants to partner with us to ensure the long-term economic viability of the Library.


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